A new partnership solution for the speed you want and the security and quality you need.

Helping companies accelerate new product introduction. From early-stage companies to large enterprises, thousands of companies use Haizol to innovate with agility, de-risk their supply chains, and get products to market faster.

Our Experience in Numbers
  • 3000+

    scarce machines

  • 100+

    national technology patents

  • 100+

    engineers served

  • 5000+


  • 50%

    reduction in product delivery time by 50%

  • 15+

    industry work experience

Haizol is An Extension of Your Team

From prototype to production, our manufacturing experts integrate into your workflow to seamlessly manage and accelerate your projects.


    Your Account Executive will guide you through the quoting stage. They will help to gather your design requirements, request manufacturability feedback, and align your budget & timeline needs with Haizol's manufacturing capabilities.


How Dose Haizol Manufacturing Work

We ease workload and improve efficiency for our customers

  • Submit requirements online
    1. Concept
    2. Samples/drawings/plans
    3. Other requirements
  • Analyze, design and verify
    1. Analyze the manufacturing method
    2. Determine product structure
    3. Mold flow analysis
    4. Prototype verification
  • Manufacturable transformation
    1. Product process instruction book
    2. Standardized drawings
    3. Quality inspection guide
  • Manufacturing
    1. Identify high-quality factories that meet the customer's quality certification requirements
    2. Train the factory
    3. Production control, avoiding risks
    4. Pre shipment quality checks by factory and Haizol
  • Product delivery
    1. Packaging solutions that meet customer requirements
    2. Tailored optimal logistics plan for customers


  • OEM Manufacturing
  • Component Assembly
  • Product Development & Manufacturing
  • Market Competitive Pricing

    Our experts evaluate the part, providing manufacturability advice and optimization tips to reduce cost, whilst selecting the best suited factory to achieve high quality and low cost.

    Average cost savings*

    *based on comparative analysis of similar transactions and one-stop procurement services on Haizol's platform in the past few years.

  • Premium Quality

    Haizol is focused on quality management and quality control throughout every stage of the process

    • Supplier review and training
    • Standard operating procedures
    • In-house quality inspection experts
    • Customer-specific quality requirements
    • Quality documentation with full traceability and transparency
    • Products go through both supplier inspection & Haizol's re-inspection prior to shipping
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  • On-time Delivery
    • Instant pricing with AI generated design feedback
    • Rapid manufacturing after order confirmed
    • Real-time order tracking at every production stage
    • Efficient and reliable logistics solutions
    1. 20%
      increase in engineering productivity
    2. 50%
      faster lead times

    *based on comparative analysis of similar transactions and one-stop procurement services on Haizol's platform in the past few years.

  • Secure Platform
    Anonymized drawings & files

    Haizol remove any identifiable information from uploads & enforce strict access and protection on customer data during quoting, production & shipping.

    Non-disclosure agreements

    All Haizol Partners are under strict NDA agreements. Haizol is also happy to sign company-specific NDAs.

Ready to Get a Quote?

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