Gemzoe Motorsport

Gemzoe Motorsport is a 100-year-old UK company. They predominantly produce laboratory analytical instruments and machined parts. Analytical instruments have strict surface treatments, appearance requirements and quality control. After receiving a same day competitive quote from Haizol, Gemzoe placed the order. Without a sample, Haizol worked with Gemzoe to tweak the design, achieving a brighter finish which fit their requirements better. They received the order on time, and were very happy with the detailed level of quality control. Multiple orders later they are still a valued customer and continue to praise Haizol on their adaptability and proactive manufacturing methods.


Rockler is a US based company established in 1967 with close to 100 stores throughout the US. They are one of the biggest suppliers of high quality & innovative woodworking tools, finishing supplies and hardware. Haizol initially produced 5 test models of a Pen Press prototype for Rockler. After several round of adjustments guided by Haizols in house engineering team to improve its functionality, Rockler was very satisfied with the sample quality, appearance and overall experience. Shortly after, Haizol received the order for mass production which they subsequently put on the market.

Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing designs and manufactures performance automotive parts for Hondas and Acuras. Focused on machined parts and sheet metal products for the modified car market, Hybrid Racing’s initial project with Haizol was for small batches of specific customized parts. Requirements included special color customization, color oxidation surface treatment, laser cutting treatment, and welding of irregular parts. Haizol worked closely with the factory to ensure successful implementation of all the highly specific requirements to deliver these custom parts perfectly. Hybrid Racing recognize and trust Haizol’s production capacity, and Haizol ensure timely delivery with attention to detail every time. Haizol produces large quantities of parts for Hybrid Racing on a regular basis, and maintains a close relationship with them.


Founded in 1965, today Kocher+Beck is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-precision cutting tools and cutting units for the printing and converting industry. They specialize in rotary die cutting technology and supply innovative solutions in label printing, envelope manufacturing, sheet-fed and reel-to-reel offset printing. Haizol produced a magnetic strip for Kocher-Beck using a combination of Powder Metallurgy, Machining, Stamping, and Assembly. Haizol demonstrated flexibility and expertize through producing the drawings from scratch for the customer, and adjusting the quotation 12 times post prototype before the bulk order was placed in order to meet the customers’ requirements. Kocher-Beck was extremely happy with Haizol’s meticulous attention to detail and continual effort throughout the project.


Since 1992, Rayotek's mission is to provide its customers with a full-service facility that specializes in engineering, design and manufacturing of precision sapphire, glass, fused quartz and fused silica products. Haizol produced a nut part used in the oil industry for Rayotek, manufactured by Lathe and Milling. Rayotek have been a loyal customer of Haizol, valuing Haizol’s regular communication and quick ability to update and resolve issues at every stage of the process. Haizol’s orders with Rayotek quickly multiplied, and Haizol worked with the buyer to reduce production cost through optimizing the manufacturing process.


Velopex is a leading dental equipment specialist offering a wide range of dental diagnostic solutions and patient treatment equipment for the British market. Velopex gave Haizol the project of producing a medical device gun head. When used, the gun head reaches 134°C in order to sterilize the equipment. The high requirements of this industry require the parts to be produced with 100% accuracy. If the accuracy is even slightly off, the high temperature steam may leak when used. The R&D stage involved a low purchase volume, and during manufacturing, the two parts need to be identically matched. The parts were finished to an extremely high standard through lazer marking and colour, with arced surface processing. Haizol acquired the trust of the buyer through professionalism, and found ways to improve the part without increasing cost.

Yale Cordage

Yale Cordage, based in the states of Maine and North Carolina, is a company focused on the production of synthetic cables. Yale Cordage has become Haizol’s valuable customer after a series of initial trial orders that not only exceeded the high quality expectations, they were delivered ahead of the originally scheduled lead time. Yale Cordage is very satisfied with the ease of communication with Haizol’s team of professionals and the accurate results of technically challenging products. Yale Cordage and Haizol have forged a strong, prosperous business relationship and will continue to recognize, respect and appreciate each other’s unique, valuable roles in partnering to deliver consistent quality products.


Customer Reviews Trustpilot

“ We really appreciate Haizol's effort to provide excellent results. The team did a fantastic job, we particularly appreciated the quick and clear communication and fast response time, a very positive experience overall. ”
by B William - Los Angelas, CA.
“ The work Haizol has completed over the past few months is going to be instrumental in our ability to ship enough product to meet our fourth quarter projections, we can highly recommend them! ”
by T Myers - San Antonio, TX.
“ We receive our materials timely and to a high quality. All the containers are clearly marked, material constraints are very good, and Haizol's packing list is the best we have seen compared to other vendors providing parts to us! If only our other suppliers were as reliable, thank you! ”
by K Smith - Savannah, GA
“ Prompt responses from Haizol. Competitive pricing. Excellent job!”
by W Henry - Leominster, MA
“ Best site I know to source custom manufacturing. Price is competitive. I will definitely used them again for my upcoming projects. ”
by M Ravis - Mesa, AZ
“ Good service and professional approach spiced with tolerance on start-up related issues has earned you the continuation of our mutual business. “
by D Behrman - San Jose, CA
“ Haizol's team perform at an extremely high level on a regular basis and have always delivered above and beyond what we expect. ”
by R Barrientos - St. Louis, MO
“ Thanks a lot for all your team to support us during this sort. If we ever need any help you will be my first contact. ”
by C Conley - Lansing, MI
“ HAIZOL saves me money and time and I am highly recommend HAIZOL to anyone looking to outsource their parts. ”
by D Peterson - Spring Hill, TN
“ The staff at Haizol are easy to work with and make things as simple as possible, which is important to us as a company, thank you. ”
by J Adkins - Princeton, IN
“ Good service, good price, and good leadtime – I can confidently recommend! ”
by M Cain - Williamstown, WV
“ Haizol really has taken ownership of the process, anticipates our needs and communicates with me directly when needed. Their knowledge base of our product has really grown and they have become an integral part of our team. ”
by A Dlugos - Toledo, OH
“ Haizol's One-Stop Solution did everything - with almost no time or effort from me! The best part was that I could completely trust their team to professionally represent our company as our buyers or/and suppliers. ”
by L. Samios - Plymouth, MN
“ We were concerned about working with a consultant to optimize our buying power, but Haizol was highly recommended by many other start-ups we knew. Haizol brought us more savings than we had ever seen in a single effort. ”
by P. Spivey - Charlotte, NC
“ I have used Haizol several times for my injection molded parts. Their parts have always arrived on time and at a very high quality level for the price. Good job! ”
by R. Osborne - New York, NY
“ Great experience. Have ordered from them more than once and will continue if I need more. Great for manufacturing your machined components for a fair cost. ”
by P. Dodgers - Nashville, TN
“ High quality parts, good lead times and a fast turnaround time. They live up to their service reputation. Definitely worthwhile for what you spend. ”
by A. Maurice - Rochester, MI
“ Their expertise has literally shaved days off of the project schedule. Their service is fantastic and their support team is always responsive. ”
by C. Wilson - Victoria, TX

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