Boring & Milling Machining

Boring & Milling Machining
Boring-Milling machines with centered spindle and thermos symmetric structure, with rotary table and possibility to incorporate pallet stations, milling heads and automatic head chang-ers.

Boring-Milling machines are efficient and ease the entire production process in general. These mills have the ability to bring a higher level of efficiency to industrial projects in more ways than one.

Boring milling machines are used in enlarging already drilled holes with the use of a single point cutting tool or a boring head. The diameter of the hole is controlled using adjustments in the boring head. The machines are used in digging pits and tunnels. They can also be used in making holes that exist below hard rocks and tough surfaces. They have changed how opera-tions are done in the construction industry. Due to the many applications of boring milling ma-chines, they are available in a wide range of sizes in the market. The smaller sizes are used on lathe machines whereas bigger ones are used on boring mills.

The boring milling machines that are being used today have been automated due to their computer numerical controlled feature. This allows for a higher level of accuracy and conven-ience. There are a set of commands that are used by the operator to handle all other opera-tions, known as codes. When the codes are entered into the machine it automatically com-pletes the drilling operation on its own. The machine will handle the placing of the drill in the spindle and even activate it. It will also place the work piece and machine the hole. The ma-chine will then turn off the spindle. This automation is very beneficial in machining because it greatly eliminates human error.

The strength of Haizol for Boring & Milling Machining
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